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new | the unpacked catalogue, for photographers

CLICK HERE FOR THE OFFICIAL SITE (read below how to enter for a free copy!)


Anyone who has been a photographer for any length of time knows that it is hard work.  It takes more than a fair amount of passion and determination and bull headedness to stay on course, avoid discouragement, and not give up.  It takes strength to absorb the bumps in the road and view them as growth opportunities vs. roadblocks.  You learn very quickly that you not only have to be excellent at your craft and in constant evolution of improvement, but you also have to have a hefty portion of business savvy.  You can be a brilliant artist, but if you’re not effectively sustaining your business – it just won’t be a success.

It was just over two years ago that I realized what an invaluable benefit it would be to others to learn from my failures, trials, closed doors, good moves, bad moves, and everything else in between – with regard to my boutique school photography division.  I am a full time child and family photographer, shooting mostly on location and mostly with natural sunlight.  I do have another sector of business though – that’s my boutique school photography.  I service several schools each year with very non traditional and candid school portraiture.  This annual service provides substantial income to my business as well as place me front and center to my target clientele.  These families have now become the backbone to year round bookings in my portrait business.  It’s just an incredible opportunity and I believe that as an industry we can raise the bar for what’s created in the realm of school photography.  I also believe that YOU can take your business from point A to point Z – quickly and effectively.  My “unPacked catalogue” tells you exactly how.  It is over 130 pages of REAL content… not filled with imagery or fluff – but rather filled with nitty gritty detail to expand your mind and provide specific tools and techniques to make YOU a HUGE success.  It also includes TWO video downloads of me editing and culling as well as THREE school processing ACTIONS?!

I would be honored if you would check out the OFFICIAL UNPACKED WEBSITE HERE:  http://www.unpacked.michellelmorrisphotography.com


The Catalogue will be available for purchase and immediate download on MONDAY, OCTOBER 15, 2012.

The official website is now LIVE and READY for you to check out.

You can pre-register now to SAVE 25% on the listed price (of $150) now through 10/15 – see the website to register.  If you’ve previously registered for this discount, there is no need to do it again.

  Read along…

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On 10/16 I will select ONE winner at random from the COMMENTS HERE ON THE BLOG below (and give your comment a little time to show up… they all have to be approved).  You can enter through MIDNIGHT EST 10/15/2012.


Jaime - Hi! Just shared and tagged you over @jaimehoughphotography on FB! :) Yay! Can’t wait for the release!

Rubber Boots Photography - Congratulations Michelle! The catalogue looks amazing!

We shared the post on our Rubber Boots Photography Facebook page!

Amanda - So proud of you and happy for you too! You deserve so much for all of the hard work and heart you’ve poured into this catalogue! xoxo

Donna Benkin Danoff - Michelle, I really love your work and I do the same genre of photography in Oxford, OH (natural light, on location with kids/families and recently started schools). My friend Nikki in Savannah had her boys James and Nate were photographed by you a year or so ago. Would love a chance to get Unpacked. I’ve shared this post on both my personal Donna Benkin Danoff Facebook page AND my Donna Benkin Danoff photography Facebook page, and my status update reads to the effect of “A great photographer in Savannah whose work I aspire to: LINK/TAG.”

Katie Nelson - I am so excited for you Michelle! <3

I shared this on my Katie Jeanne Photography facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/katiejeannephotography.

susan ramos - Oh my gosh I couldn’t be happier than to see this email today! I shared on my FB page for Susan Ramos Photography! Can’t wait for this!!!

susan ramos - I also shared this on a FB group I belong to called School Photography. I’ve been posting about it there since July and finally the wait is over! :)

Tamara Lalanne - I shared this on my facebook page Tamara Lalanne Photography

Jessie VeraCruz - Hey! I shared this on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/yourrhythmphotography

Carolina Weick - Shared your link on my personal timeline AND my photography page http://www.facebook.com/walkwithmephotography

chelsie - i shared the link on chelsie lilja (lilja photography)’s page!!

Patti Smith - I shared the link and tagged you in my post on my fb page at Patti Smith Photography.
I can’t wait to see this!

Autumn Kraemer - Shared your link on http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Autumn-Kraemer-Photography/186145148095837 Love following your work and how your style is what it is…real.

Karin Winter - I shared the post on my Karin Winter Photography Page

I would love the opportunity to win your manifesto!

Neka Rae - I am soooo excited about this I love love your art everything about it!!! Just shared and tagged your name @nekaraephotography

Meg - Thanks, sounds neat!

Meg - Oh, forgot to say, I shared at http://www.facebook.com/BokehOverMocha

Heather Rice - I super-cuper, with big hearts and stars, want to win your book! Many thanks!!!

Mercedes Snow - I shared over at http://www.facebook.com/msnowphotos :) I just LOVE your post-processing. I especially love that it’s also reflected in your iPhone photos. Now that’s a trick I need to learn! ;)

Best & God bless,
Mercedes Snow

Elena - I just shared this, Michelle. You know I am a huge fan of yours. Your work is always an inspiration to me. I was just asked to do a photo booth at my son’s school Halloween party and would love to do it in a boutique way. I will likely purchase this even if I don’t win. Thank you for sharing your talent, friend!

Elena - I forgot to show you the link to where I posted this :)
Have a nice night!

Elena - I am going to shre this on clickinmoms too. I think the girls over there need to know about it.

Malerie Veillon - Thanks so much for the opportunity! I shared on FB – AlexandMalerie Veillon

Catherine McCabe - I shared on my Facebook page!

Reva May - I shared on my personal page (public share): facebook.com/revamayphotography

Reva May - please disregard my last comment. i shared the link on my personal page: facebook.com/revamay. public share.

Catherine - I was so was so excited I forgot the link!

Liz Garland - Oh my! I am very interested in getting involved in school photography, this would be a wonderful tool to have!
I shared on my personal Facebook page, I dont have a business page just yet
I also tagged you in the post :)

stefanie harrington - i shared this on my fb page: facebook.com/stefanieharringtonphotography. looks awesome!!

Ken Gehring - Thank you so much for the giveaway! I shared it on my facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/#!/KenGehringPhotography

Dawn - Thank you for this giveaway! I shared the link on my Dragonfly Creek Photography FB page (www.facebook.com/dragonflycreek)and tagged you too :) Thanks again!!

Nikki Mills - I shared the post on my Nikki Mills facebook page.

Taylor Lucille - I shared this on my facebook page
I am so excited for this giveaway!!! Thank youuuu.

Gina - Shared on my fb page :) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bella-Life-Photography/195732223983

Congrats this is great!

Stephanie - Hello!!! I shared this on my Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/TelltalesPhotography So exciting!!!

Sadonna Lingnau - Just posted the link and tagged you in it on my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/sadonnalingnau

Kristin Railton - I posted to my page, Kristin Railton Photography! Thank you for such a kind offer and gift! So excited! xoxo

April - Shared on my personal page and Aprilthoughts Photography page! Loved your article in Lemonade and Lenses! Gorgeous work!! Please pick me!!! http://www.aprilthoughts.com

April - Oops! Proper link. Thanks so much for putting this out there! it looks like a fantastic tool! http://m.facebook.com/pages/Aprilthoughts/176457339032390?id=176457339032390&_rdr

Nancy Venturelli - I shared the post on Venturelli Photography facebook page!

Colie - Shared on my personal page facebook.com/coliej

Paula Stauffer - Just shared @paulaandreaphotography on fb! Have been waiting all year for This!! :)

Michelle Gray - I shared on my Facebook page!

Shelly - Hi, I shared your link on our Lavern Washington Photography facebook page. I have quite a few schools and nursery schools we photograph each year, and would love to try some of your inspiraring and amazing ideas her in England UK. Thank you for the opportunity. :-)

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