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Client Reviews

Thank you to each of you who have invested, trusted and believed in me. I am consistently humbled by your support.

“My family and I travelled five hours from our home in Atlanta for a session with Michelle Morris, and it was well worth the trip.  Michelle chose the perfect venue just outside of Savannah (Skidaway Island State Park), with long dirt roads and old oaks draped in Spanish moss.   We arrived a couple of hours before sunset, and in the waning daylight Michelle was able to capture in our children’s expressions the joy and excitement of a lazy summer afternoon.   Michelle was pleasant and engaging, and immediately put our young children at ease.  The children were able to forget that they were being photographed and enjoyed exploring the beautiful surroundings.   As a result, Michelle’s pictures do not at all feel staged or contrived, but rather perfectly captured our children being their fun-loving, happy, and beautiful selves.   Michelle’s work exceeded our expectations and her photographs now fill our home.   We cannot wait to return to Savannah each year to have Michelle document our family story.”

-Halle McCoy, Mother of 2, Atlanta, GA

“Michelle’s natural & relaxed personality made our photoshoot feel like an outing with a friend.  She had all three of my children laughing and playing together within minutes of working with them.  The results of the photoshoot are truly beyond words.  I feel like I have a beautiful afternoon with my family frozen in time, to enjoy for the rest of my days.  We have absolutely gorgeous portraits capturing the true nature of each of my children.  Simply the best!”

-Sarah Arredondo, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA

“Michelle Morris is pure magic! I love working with her and my kids think of her sessions as a play date. I cherish each and every photo she has taken of my people and I cannot wait for our next time together!”

-Erin Ham, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA

“Beautiful works of art by the amazing and oh-so-talented Michelle Morris grace the walls of our home. We will continue to add to our collection of priceless memories captured by her talent!”

-Paige Glazer, Richmond Hill Reflections Editor, Mother of 2, Richmond Hill, GA

“As a photographer, it takes a lot for me to give up control and let someone else be behind the camera. Michelle’s talent is so unique and she makes such beautiful portraits. As a mommy, the way she captures my kids and our family dynamic pulls on my heart strings. I love the way she captures the subtle details of my kids, who they are in that moment, because those little details are so easily forgotten.  The photos we will cherish forever are so complete in the story they tell.  We look forward to having Michelle continue to tell our story in the future, because each chapter is worth remembering that beautifully.”

-Whitney Boring, W Photography, Mother of 2, Hilton Head Island, SC

“Working with Michelle is fun and easy! When the shoot begins, Michelle embraces a casual, relaxing and humorous environment where your family can just be yourselves.  When she is shooting, she encourages your family to interact and miraculously catches the humor, grace, beauty and intimate moments with ease.  The photos Michelle has captured of my  children are a story.  She has the ability to take a picture of their soul, of their hearts. Michelle will find what makes them who they are, a part that as a mom you love but could never articulate.  When you see her proofs you are stunned that she has captured it, brought to life their innermost being, and somehow exhibited it through photography.”

-Jennifer Redmond, Lacrosse Coach, Mother of 3, Savannah, GA

“Michelle has the innate ability to catch the essence and personality of my son. She is THE only photographer that is able to capture him, quirks and all, in pictures. I love that when she is photographing your family, she doesn’t have you pose. She just lets your family be who you are meant to be! Michelle is absolutely amazing and has a true gift.”

-Amy Perry, Teacher, Mother, Savannah, GA

“Michelle has captured many life events for my family. In choosing a photographer for my daughters wedding there were a two very important things I needed to consider. 1. I had to choose someone who would take the time to get to know my daughter. This person had to capture my daughter’s vision for her day. She had to snap every moment that my daughter would cherish for a lifetime. The photographer had to look through her lens and filter the images through the love and meaning of this special day. The photographer had to make each photograph focus on the message of the day rather than the her editorial eye.  Secondly, and just as important, the photographer would spend more time with my daughter on the day of her wedding than any other person. The photographer’s attitude could affect the entire experience. The photographer had to be calm and patient. The photographer had to discern my daughters feelings and mood and be able to calm the storm or refocus the situation because we all know how hectic this day can become. The photographer had to be the calming constant in my daughter’s special day.  Michelle’s photography captured the heart of my family. Each picture told the story of two amazing people with two incredible families. The product is priceless because of the feelings invoked with every look.  However, just as important, my daughter’s wedding day was everything I prayed it would be. Michelle’s presence made the difference. I have thanked God many times for Michelle’s gift and talents. Anyone can find a talented photographer, but her gifts are rare.”

-Debbie Fairbanks, School Administrator, Mother of 2, Grandmother, Savannah, GA

“Michelle is undoubtedly the best photographer in Savannah. She is a true artist that has the ability to capture intricate emotions that turn into treasured works of art.”

-Jenny Schneider, Schneider Law Firm, Mother of 3, Midway, GA

“Have you ever looked at a photograph and been moved? This is how my heart feels about every picture Michelle has taken of my family. She has a gift to capture the absolute joy of life. We are thankful we have found a photographer that can give us photos to cherish for a lifetime.”

-Meredith Simms, Mother of 2, Orlando, FL

“Michelle is amazing!  Her pictures always capture the heart and soul of my daughter in the most beautiful way.  She is reliable, personable and very creative.  Most importantly, she cares deeply about her clients and takes time to get to know them on a personal level.  The natural look and feel of her photographs make her an emotion-driven storyteller like no other.  Michelle is the quintessential photographer.”

-Tracy Brown, Teacher, Mother, Savannah, GA

“Michelle Morris is the BEST photographer I have ever worked with! She has an eye to capture the beauty in the ordinary…not posing or “creating” a moment. Her energy and humor puts anyone at ease (especially usually hard-to-photograph children!) and the end result will BLOW you away! I cried when I saw our beautiful photos! I will have Michelle do our families photos ANY chance I get!”

-Ashley Shaeffer, Music Minister, Mother of 5, Bluffton, SC

“I cannot say enough good things about Michelle Morris and her ability as a photographer or her endearing personality. We have used Michelle on more than one occasion and she is a consummate professional and an extraordinary talent. She has a way with children that makes them come alive for her and it shows in her photos. She has the ability to capture our children and their uniqueness with her camera. Michelle is a joy to work with because not only does she have a way with children but she also has a way with people and makes you feel like a good friend from the start. She is easy to work with and she listens to what you want the pictures to show as well as infusing her professional expertise into the photo shoot to create the images that you will treasure for a lifetime. We have also had the pleasure of her shooting our children at their school in her school portrait series and we have always been more than happy with the results, amazed at how she has captured our daughters beauty, inside and out. Michelle is a genuine person that cares about her craft and it is evident from the moment you meet her and throughout the entire process. She is a joy to work with and I look forward to many years of beautiful sessions with her.”

-Carey Murns, Medical Professional, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA

“We have to say, having our family photographed by MLM was a completely delightful experience. Her hospitality and professionalism were of the utmost quality. She truly captured the raw beauty and pure joy of our little family as we frolicked through a pecan grove. The results of her gifting and talent has brought abounding happiness to our hearts and into our home.  We’re ever grateful that we came away with the portraits of a lifetime.”

-Regina Jones, Missionary, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA

“With a family of 6, family photos used to be something I dreaded. After meeting Michelle 5 years ago she has turned photo shoots into a relaxing, fun experience resulting in outstanding photographic products!!  Whether she is helping me with what to dress everyone in or working with me to get different backgrounds for numerous shoots throughout the years, her patience and professionalism is always top notch.  The only missing is more wall space in my house to display all the amazing works of art she has given us.”

-Crystal Vidan, Mother of 4, Savannah, GA

“Michelle sees her photography subjects as not only individuals but live art. She knows just what to do to make people comfortable (especially kids!) to get raw, genuine photos that my family will cherish for years to come. Everyone who comes into our home asks me who has taken our photos and I couldn’t be happier to recommend her talent!”

-Christy Marsh, Realtor, Mother of 3, Savannah, GA

“We have worked with Michelle for years and years.  She has captured some of my favorite moments of my girls. She makes the shoots fun and easy for all involved.  I look forward to many more years of her artistry in my life!”

-Tyler Rominger, Salon Owner, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA 

“We love working with Michelle.  We were lucky and met her when she had just moved to Savannah!  Our family sessions with her were amazing.  She has a God given talent for capturing your child’s true spirit.  Her work is absolutely beautiful.”

-Ellen Wilson, Mother of 2, Savannah, GA

“I have followed photographers for some time now and Michelle has always been a fave of mine. We were beyond stoked with the quality of her work…We loved working with Michelle!”
-Mandy McCaskill, Business Owner, Mother of 2, St. Simons Island, GA

“Michelle Morris has been capturing precious memories of our family for the past seven years.  She has such an incredible gift for working with children and families.  Our sessions have been filled with a lot of laughter, and our children are encouraged to run, play, and to be themselves. The beautiful images she has captured of our family speak to me on so many levels.  They are filled with genuine emotion and connection, and I can feel that every time I look at them…they make my Mama heart happy.  Michelle is a beautiful, good-hearted individual who is passionate about her art.  She is easy going and fun to work with.  She pours every bit of her heart into her sessions…this is what sets her apart.  The images she has captured of our family will be treasured for generations to come.”
-Amanda Burr, Photographer, Mother of 2, Longwood, FL